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 Rules, Regulations & Documents


Bylaws, Covenants and Articles of Incorporation (PDF)


Policy Resolutions

Policy Resolution 2011-01 – Due Process (PDF)

Administrative Resolution 12-01 – Request for Association Records (PDF)

Policy Resolution 2013-01 – Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Guidelines (PDF)

Approved colors will be included in the next ARC Policy Resolution. They are as follows:

Door and Shutter Colors

Old Colonial Red (#225 McCormick)
Farmhouse Red (DU0003948 Duron)

Georgetown Green (#220 McCormick)
Foxhall Green* (DU0003978)

Trim Colors

Super White (#100 McCormick)
Amber White (DU0003922 Duron)
Wheat (#108 McCormick)
Brush Gray* (Duron) or Mt Vernon Gray (#443 McCormick)

* the manufacturing of this paint color will be discontinued after stock runs out. It can however always be matched.


Policy Resolution 3 - Lease (PDF)

Policy Resolution 4 - Parking (PDF)


HOA Forms

Application for Exterior Modification (PDF)

Complete this form to request permission to add a storm door, deck, fence, shed or otherwise alter the exterior of your property within the current architectural guidelines. See the ARC Guidelines for further information.


Budgets / Financial Information

Shadowbrook operates on a calendar year financial basis. All owners receive a copy of the budget no later than December 15th of the year proceeding the calendar year. If you are an owner and have not received a copy of the upcoming years budget by December 15th please contact our property manager.


Replacement Reserve Report

This is a section of the Shadowbrook Replacement Reserve Report done in September 2005 by Miller Dodson Associates. The section shown is a schedule of replacements until the year 2035. The dollar amounts are based on 2005 cost estimates, and should be considered as such, estimates from 2005. For a complete copy of the Replacement Reserve Report please contact our property manager.

Click here to view the schedule of replacements (PDF)


Other Forms

HOA Dues - Direct Debit Form (PDF)

Complete and return the form with a voided check to Cardinal Management authorizing them to automatically withdraw funds to pay your Shadowbrook HOA dues. This is a convenient way to pay your assessments. It is cost effective, reduces errors, and more importantly saves you time and money. Direct Debit ensures that your payment is applied to your account on time.

Click here for most frequently asked questions regarding Direct Debit (PDF)


Individual Yard Maintenance Program Contract with Palmer’s Property Maintenance (PDF)

Palmer's is offering an individual mowing and turf treatment contract. Complete and return the form directly to Palmer's no later than MARCH 15, 2014. Please note that Palmer’s will not accept any contracts after the deadline. If you have moved in after the March 15 deadline, please contact Palmer’s before filling out the form.


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